That’s my sister!

Ellie arrived on September 9th weighing in at 9lbs 1 oz and 20.5 inches long. Ian’s a big brother now and is being a great helper to mom and dad and loves to give kisses to his little sister. We are grateful to the Lord for a smooth delivery and that mom and baby are doing well. Click on this pic to see more photos of our sweet little Ellie.

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More steps, more steps…


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This is the mantra that Ian kept repeating as we went hiking over the Memorial holiday weekend, he couldn’t get enough of the steps, and just wanted to keep walking. We decided to head south and check out “Starved Rock” state park, which is a well known park in IL ( Though it was raining when we arrived, things finally cleared up and we were able to do some hiking, and saw some beautiful views and a waterfall. Check out some pics of the little climber. You’ll also notice some other pics from Cantigny gardens ( where we also spent some time over the holiday weekend. We really enjoyed being able to spend a lot of time outside over the long weekend and are grateful that Summer is in full swing!

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From plane to beach

5-10-2010 207

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So it’s only been one year since the last post on our blog- does this mean that nothing has happened in the last year, hardly. Actually, it’s precisely the opposite reason that we haven’t blogged in a year. Well, the hiatus is over, but can’t promise there will be another post before the next year, but will try. Here’s some new pics, many of them from a recent vacation we just took to FL. Ah, the sun, the sound of waves, sunburn…as usual, just click on the picture to see more on Flickr.

Until next time…

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Biker Dude

May 09 156

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Well, finally added some new pics- I know it’s been a long time. Spring is in full swing now and we have been enjoying the warmer weather and being outside more often as you will see in some of the pics. As you can see from this photo, Ian is equipped with his helmet and sunglasses and ready for the trail !  Click on photo to see more from the Flickr page.

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Tree Topper?

Tires and Tree 017

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Just added some new pictures…click on the photo to be redirected to see some things like the Naperville Riverwalk, our recent trip to Galena, IL and Dubuque, IA, Ian in tire heaven, and Christmas in November to name a few.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pass the Rock!

Ian 10-26-08 007

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I took Ian to the park recently to play some b-ball, but he wasn’t too interested in playing ball but instead wanted to watch the cars and play in the street. I would get one shot in and then have to run Ian down so he wouldn’t run into the road. Eventually I quit trying to play any ball and just spent my time chasing him around the park. It was fun, but I still look forward to the day when we get to shoot some hoops together :). Click on the picture to see some new ones recently added on Flickr.

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World Relief Video

Just wanted to share this video about the non-profit organization where I work- World Relief.  It helps to give an overview of some of the work that we do.  Enjoy!

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