More steps, more steps…


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This is the mantra that Ian kept repeating as we went hiking over the Memorial holiday weekend, he couldn’t get enough of the steps, and just wanted to keep walking. We decided to head south and check out “Starved Rock” state park, which is a well known park in IL ( Though it was raining when we arrived, things finally cleared up and we were able to do some hiking, and saw some beautiful views and a waterfall. Check out some pics of the little climber. You’ll also notice some other pics from Cantigny gardens ( where we also spent some time over the holiday weekend. We really enjoyed being able to spend a lot of time outside over the long weekend and are grateful that Summer is in full swing!

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2 Responses to More steps, more steps…

  1. Ryan Conrad says:

    Wow, Ian is definitely not a little human anymore; I can’t believe how he’s grown. So nice to catch up with you all even if it is over a weblog. Much love from Ohio- Miss you brother Steve

  2. mark says:

    Nice entry. And we loved all the pictures on flickr. Gosh, we hardly recognized Ian. You guys look the same though….great! Enjoy the Illinois summer. (I won’t remind you what is coming.) Miss you guys, M&M

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